Food Waste Reduction

food waste to energy

Food- Waste is a major global issue. With about 50% of all food produced globally, never being consumed, it is the tip of inefficiency and disrespect for the limited resources of this planet. Please download our free white-paper to learn more about food-waste, its sources, and its negative impact on the planet. From wastes water, oil, energy to the massive emission of CH4 to the atmosphere. The way how we handle our global food supply chain is not sustainable.

Food Waste should be avoided, first of all, it should be given for consumption to those who needed if they don't fulfill supermarket standards anymore.

Even it is a perfect world; there will always be some foodwaste to be disposed of. Challenging is that food-wase is rarely comes sorted but contaminated with packagings like plastic and paper. A project of our partners on food-waste at a European Airport continuously provides a waste stream of 30-35% contaminants. In this case, simple solutions like composting become useless.

The Entrade-X Redo(X) Reactor System is designed to work with a large variety of fuel sources, regardless of the different combustion characteristics and moisture levels of the fuel which is vital in the usage of food-waste. Imagine the difference between Burger, Steak, and Soup Day. The Waste composition and calorific value sometimes change even during the same day. Making Food-Waste work as a fuel is a technical challenge that creates many benefits.

Benefits of Compacting Food-Waste:

  • Food-Waste generally needs to be transported and discarded in a landfill, which is costly. You can be safe the landfill as well as transportation costs.

  • Reduction of CH4 Emissions to the Atmosphere

  • Less Traffic in shipping waste off-site

  • Reduction in Smell from Storing Foodwaste

  • Reducing the infestation of rats and other rodents, flyes, etc.


  • Fluctuating High Moisture Content

  • Often High Oil Content

  • Contamination with Plastic and other Packaging Materials

  • Often Limited Space on-Site

  • Permitting Challenges Depending on Market

The Available Process:

The ENTRADE- X Process is an integrated shredder, dryer, conversion unit that takes out the hassle of handling foodwaste. From stage one, the system is airtight so that no smell emissions become apparent. The drying system evaporates the moisture, and the only by-products are distilled water and biochar. In most applications, no outside energy is needed for the process a considerable saving over other solutions that require Gas, Oil and/or Electricity to process the food-waste.

14 Reasons to use the Redo(X) Reactor System for the Reduction of Food-Waste:

  1. Reducing the Volume

  2. Integrated Smell Free System

  3. Reducing Landfill and Disposal Cost

  4. Reusing the water and oil stored in the food

  5. Returning Nutrients as Biochar into the Ground

  6. In most cases, no additional energy is needed for the process

  7. Carbon Negative Technology

  8. Scalable trough Multiple Redo(X) Reactor Systems

  9. Modular Turn-Key System for Easy Installation

  10. Low noise and super low particle emissions

  11. You can sell and easily transport your Redo(X) Reactor System

  12. Fully Remotely Managed

  13. Designed and Engineered in Germany

  14. Maximum Fuel Adaptability

Perfect Use Cases:

  • Redo(X) Reactor System for Reducing Heating and Electricity Cost for hotels, Cantines, and Restaurants.

  • Redo(X) Reactor System for providing heating/cooling and electricity to industrial and commercial operations.

  • Redo(X) Reactor System is perfect for reducing cost and carbon footprint of Server Center

  • Redo(X) Reactor System is perfect for Hotels and Spa's looking to reduce their energy cost and carbon footprint.

Food Waste To Energy