Consumer Behavior and Attitude Towards Food Waste


Did you know?

Despite the often reported “anxieties” and “guilt”, food wasting has become an ordinary, necessary even, part of domestic food practices. Among those bothered by food waste, environmental concern is secondary at best as people would rather value their own time and money. They also tended to believe that since food waste is biodegradable, it is even less of an environment issue than packaging waste.

Some consumers also cite food safety concern as the reason why they waste food. They rely strictly on external standards such as “Best before” date labels on the packaging and discard food without double-checking the food’s actual appearance or smell, thinking that such food is no longer safe to eat. Not only so, many consumers confuse between different date labels “Sell by”, “Use by”, and “Display until” and throw food away although they may still be “perfectly good” to eat.

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