Environmental Concerns Amidst Industrialisation

At every point and in every level of development, countries need to make choices between often conflicting goals. Developing countries in their quest for economic development and poverty reduction are expected to put economic growth, energy for all and industrialization at the fore front of their goals before giving consideration to environmental issues. However, industrialization requires massive use of resources which could lead to pollution and environmental degradation.

environmental concern amidst industrialisation

Compelling these countries to pursue environmental goals, particularly reduction in CO2 emissions, is important, and will require substantial support from other countries and the international community to compensate for the economic losses associated with reducing pollution. Basically, sustainable development is the long-term solution, to how we plan our indefinite progress in the future without causing damage to the environment so as to guarantee a safe habitat for the next generations, who will continue to develop their economies, societies, and care for the environment with a similar ideal in mind. It satisfies our needs without sabotaging the opportunities of others.

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