Nutshells and Fruit Pitts to Clean Energy

walnut shells to energy

Nutshells and Fruit Pitts are a natural fuel solution perfect for replacing fossil fuel in electricity, heating, and cooling application. Over the Year we have tested a multitude of different shells and Pitts from Almond, to Pistachio, Walnut, Coconut, Palm Kernel Shells and many more.

In General shell and Pitts have a high calorific value with a higher than expected ash melting point. Also, fine-particles are limited, which brings optimized air flow without extensive preparation. Moisture content is often around 30%, which is lower than fresh cut wood but still needs drying.

The Entrade-X Redo(X) Reactor System is designed to work with a large variety of fuel sources, regardless of the different combustion characteristics and moisture levels of the Fuel which is vital in the usage of sewage sludge. Depending on the source, it needs to be dried and maybe shredded, depending on the size. Coconut Shell to be shredded while Hazelnut-Shells fit into the reactor without issues.

Benefits of Using Shells and Pitts as Fuel:

  • Cost Savings from not having to transport and dispose of the Fuel

  • Great Free On-Site Energy Source to replace fossil fuels

  • High Fuel to Balance Solar Energy in Rural Areas

  • Very little pre-processing available

  • Reduction in Transportation Cost


  • - Fluctuating High Moisture Content

  • Many different nutshells and fruit Pitts are available, and all of them react differently

  • Fuel is available Seasonally

The Available Process:

Currently, the Redo(X) Reactor System is being tested with multiple fruit-pits and shells. Please contact us for testing of your specific fuel source since reactor characteristics very strongly from Fruit to Fruit.

14 Reasons to use the Redo(X) Reactor System for the Reduction of Food-Waste:

  1. Reducing the Volume

  2. Integrated Smell Free System

  3. Reducing Landfill and Disposal Cost

  4. Reusing the water and oil stored in the food

  5. Returning Nutrients as Biochar into the Ground

  6. In most cases, no additional energy is needed for the process

  7. Carbon Negative Technology

  8. Scalable trough Multiple Redo(X) Reactor Systems

  9. Modular Turn-Key System for Easy Installation

  10. Low noise and super low particle emissions

  11. You can sell and easily transport your Redo(X) Reactor System

  12. Fully Remotely Managed

  13. Designed and Engineered in Germany

  14. Maximum Fuel Adaptability

Perfect Use Cases:

- Redo(X) Reactor System for Reducing Heating and Electricity Cost for Fruit Farmes and Processing On-Site.

-Redo(X) Reactor System for providing heating/cooling and electricity to industrial and commercial operations.

- Redo(X) Reactor System is perfect for reducing cost and carbon footprint of Server Centers

-Redo(X) Reactor System is perfect for Hotels and Spa's looking to reduce their energy cost and carbon footprint.

coconut husk to energy