Plastics and Packaging to Clean Energy

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Plastics and Packaging Materials are all around us! It has become a significant issue threatening our oceans, beaches, and ecosystems. While a certain percentage can be used for recycling, it has become apparent that plastic recycling currently merely is not working. Buying new plastic is so much cheaper than labor-intensive recycling. After China banned the import of plastics, other countries all over South East Asia are following suit and leaving no easy way to move western plastic waste to developing countries. Technically we are now left with a limited number of options landfilling being the most common.

The Entrade-X Redo(X) Reactor System is designed to work with a large variety of fuel sources, regardless of the different combustion characteristics. Plastics and Packaging materials are a dry fuel with high calorific value and therefore perfectly usable for Gasification. Since Plastics and Packaging materials convert super fast within the Redo(X) Reactor, it is therefore not possible to use 100% plastics, for example. There always needs to be a mixture of 75% other carbon-based fuels.

Benefits of using Plastics and Packaging Materials as Fuel:

  • Cost Savings from not having to transport and dispose of the Fuel

  • Great Free On-Site Energy Source to replace fossil fuels

  • High Fuel to Balance Solar Energy in Rural Areas

  • Very little pre-processing available.

  • Reduction in Transportation Cost.

  • Reduce Pollution from Landfills and Waste Dumps-

  • Treat Ocean Plastic Waste right on-site


  • Low Energy Density

  • NOx issues are combustion gets above 1300 Degrees Celsius

  • Chlorine

  • Mixing with other Fuel Sources is Necessary

The Available Process:

Currently, the Redo(X) Reactor System is being tested with several fuel mixtures that contain plastic and packaging. We are confident to offer a Solution for the coming months.

12 Reasons to use the Redo(X) Reactor System for the Reduction of Plastic Waste:

  1. Reducing the Volume

  2. Integrated Smell Free System

  3. Reducing Landfill and Disposal Cost

  4. In most cases, no additional energy is needed for the process

  5. Carbon Negative Technology

  6. Scalable trough Multiple Redo(X) Reactor Systems

  7. Modular Turn-Key System for Easy Installation

  8. Low noise and super low particle emissions

  9. You can sell and easily transport your Redo(X) Reactor System

  10. Fully Remotely Managed

  11. Designed and Engineered in Germany

  12. Maximum Fuel Adaptability

Perfect Use Cases:

- Redo(X) Reactor System for Reducing Heating and Electricity Cost for hotels, Cantines, and Restaurants.

-Redo(X) Reactor System for providing heating/cooling and electricity to industrial and commercial operations.

- Redo(X) Reactor System is perfect for reducing cost and carbon footprint of Server Centers

-Redo(X) Reactor System is perfect for Hotels and Spa's looking to reduce their energy cost and carbon footprint.

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