Trash Into Fuel: How ENTRADE X Is Making Renewable Energy Accessible

Admittedly that’s an entire article of its own — from politics to power and money, there are a lot of reasons why the world can be reluctant to turn towards renewables — but one important aspect could be simply a lack of access for developing countries and regions to renewable and decentralized energy. While in regions such as Europe or North America it may be more of an ideological or financial choice to use clean energy, in parts of Asia and Africa it’s not even an option.

Julien Uhlig, CEO of ENTRADE X, is working to change this. Inspired by a trip to Ethiopia where he helped build a renewable energy microgrid for a small village, Julien is passionate about the importance of access to clean, decentralized energy systems. He’s put this passion into action with the ENTRADE Combined Heat and Power System that can be installed in only a few weeks and provide several megawatts of energy while completely off the grid. These portable, mini-power plants transform organic and inorganic waste into energy that can be harnessed 24/7.

The ENTRADE X team has been working in the technology field for over 10 years, including for arensis Inc., a company born out of the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI). It was one of the fastest growing decentralized energy providers in the world, with more than 200 units spread throughout 11 countries. We speak with CEO Julien Uhilg about ENTRADE’s state of the art technology and how they are transforming renewable energy access. Read more….