Sewage Sludge Treatment

Waste Water Treatment

Sewage Sludge is a significant Waste Treatment Challange. It needs massive amounts of energy, has high disposal cost, causes massive CH4 emissions when landfilled. New Regulation is banning the usage of sewage sludge as a fertilizer, making disposal more costly.

The Entrade-X Redo(X) Reactor System is designed to work with a large variety of fuel sources, regardless of the different combustion characteristics and moisture levels of the fuel which is vital in the usage of sewage sludge. There are very different moisture levels that need to be accounted for, and currently, there are few options available that don't need additional energy. Sewage Sludge is a technical challenge and is probably one of the most complex but also the highest impact challenges in Gasification.

Benefits of Treating Sewage Sludge:

  • Cost Savings from not having to transport and dispose of Sewage Sludge Off-Site

  • Reduction of Labor Cost

  • On-Site Treatment within the process which is more manageable from a permitting perspective

  • No or little additional energy needed despite high moisture content 75-90%

  • No storage capacity needed

  • Systems can be as small as 5 kg dry matter per hour and can be scaled over time.


  • Fluctuating High Moisture Content

  • Lots of Hair and other particles which can affect the feeding mechanism.

  • Corrosion and Material Strains

The Available Process:

Currently, the Redo(X) Reactor System is being tested in Malaysia for the usage of Sewage Sludge. With our partners from Indah Water we are running multiple test cycles with different moisture contents to get more experience on long term material challenges and strains. The goal is to provide an integrated system that converts sewage sludge into thermal energy with a super clean two-stage combustion. With a particular focus on emissions and fine particles.

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