Straw and Husk to Clean Energy

straw to energy

Straw and Husk is an excellent source of Energy for Heating and Electricity generation. In many places around the world, the open burning of crops is still common practice. It is vital to return minerals into the ground, and chared biomass has been proven to improve soil quality.

The Entrade-X Redo(X) Reactor System combines the benefit of clean energy conversion with the production of biochar, which stores not only minerals in the ground but also sequesters carbon. Biochar from Gasification is a fantastic soil enhancer. The large Micro-porous surface area binds nutrients in the form of minerals and improves the water retention of the soil. In preliminary testing by the University of Fukushima, it has been successfully demonstrated that activated biochar asks within the reactor setup as activated carbon filter even trapping heavy radioactive particles like Radeon and cesium.

Benefits of Converting Straw and Husk into Clean Energy:

  • - High Availability and Low Cost

  • - Easy to process and Store

  • - Small particle sizes

  • - Can replace energy from Diesel Generators especially in Rural Markets

  • -Heat can often be used on site for Corn Drying for Example

  • Challenges:

  • - High Chlorine and Silicate Content

  • - Seasonal Crops

Different Available Fuel Sources:

1. Straw and Empty Corncobs are available in massive quantities. Often there are not enough use cases around. The Combustion is challenging due to high corrosion and clinkering issues.

2. Rice Husk is one of the most abundant waste streams predominantly in South East Asia and China. Because of the low energy density and overall poor combustion characteristics, not many use cases are currently explored. The Combustion in large scale Steam Turbine Systems is the only viable alternative. On a small scale, the Entrade-X Redo(X) Reactor System seems one of the few viable 24/7 solutions on the market right now.

13 Reasons to use the Redo(X) Reactor System for Energy from Straw, Corncobs and Rice Husk:

  1. - Reducing the Volume

  2. - Returning Nutrients as Biochar into the Ground

  3. - Reduce smoke and fine particle emissions from public burning.

  4. - Reducing Energy Cost

  5. - Carbon Negative Technology

  6. - Scalable trough Multiple Redo(X) Reactor Systems

  7. - Modular Turn-Key System for Easy Installation

  8. - Low noise and super low particle emissions

  9. - You can sell and easily transport your Redo(X) Reactor System

  10. - Fully Remotely Managed

  11. - Designed and Engineered in Germany

  12. - Multi-Award Winning System

  13. - Maximum Fuel Adaptability

Perfect Use Cases:

- Redo(X) Reactor System for Reducing Heating and Electricity Cost for Farms and Mills turning on-site waste streams into usable products.

-Redo(X) Reactor System for providing heating/cooling and electricity to industrial and commercial operations.

- Redo(X) Reactor System is perfect for reducing cost and carbon footprint of Server Centers

-Redo(X) Reactor System is perfect for Hotels and Spa┬┤s looking to reduce their energy cost and carbon footprint.

husk to energy